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It is a joy and privilege to help families grow in their faith together by supporting, nurturing and encouraging the tenets of our Christian faith.

It’s all about faith, fellowship, food and fun, as children, youth, and families stay connected and build stronger relationships with their church family Sunday mornings and beyond. Our youth and children's ministries are scripture based, Jesus-centered ministries. 

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First Sunday Children’s Worship
April 2nd we are starting something new! Instead of heading upstairs after the children’s sermon they will head to the Chapel all together! This will only take place on the first Sunday, communion Sunday, of each month and will be a time for our kids to learn kid specific worship songs! We will bring them back for communion like normal! We can’t wait to spend time together with Joey, Annie, Phoebe, and Fiona as they lead us in a special music time! We would love to have extra parent volunteers this day! Reach out to if you are interested in helping!

Youth in Sunday Church

It’s Sunday! Where are our Youth??

It’s very common that you won’t see our Youth in Sunday Service because they are Serving! We believe in the importance of serving of the Church and our Youth do this best! It is common that you will find our youth in multiple different roles, running sound, being a crucifer, setting up for Coffee Hour, playing with our babies, or helping teach Children’s Church! They are vital to the health of our Church and it is a blessing seeing them give back! Don’t forget to say hi when you do see them!


If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities, please let Emma know!

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Family Camp Out
Time: 5pm- 9am

Come join us for an Earth Day family campout at the Pavilion! This will be an overnight event in and out of the Pavilion so bring your tents and sleeping bags and get ready for a night of fun! We will have worship, lots of youth-led activities and dinner on Friday night! Saturday morning, we will have a pancake breakfast!

Feel free to drop in Friday night and not stay! We know you're busy, but we would love to have you for as long as you are available! Dinner and breakfast will be provided! If you are able a $15 donation per family would be appreciated but not required!

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