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Skidaway U

Offering an array of in-person and

virtual life-long educational opportunities

A new ministry opportunity is now available, Skidaway U. This ministry

will address an array of educational opportunities designed to help

individuals grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Skidaway U = Skidaway University

Skidaway U = Designed for You

Friends of Christ in India

Our latest Skidaway U video shares an update from FOCI.


SIMC was instrumental in starting a couple of rural churches in India. One is even named Skidaway East! Our missions team continues to support the ministry and mission of FOCI. 


Click the video below to learn what our friends in Christ in India are doing today.

Elements of Worship Series

Our church staff created a Skidaway U series based on the various elements of the worship service. This series is designed to offer insight into worship planning and how the different elements fit together to create a flow for worship.

Pastor Hale offers an overview of the worship service and sermon series.

Michelle offers insight on the church year, liturgical colors and the lectionary.

Pastor Rob shares an explanation of the various creeds we use to affirm our faith.

Paul talks about how music is selected and how it connects to the scripture.

Hannah shares the importance of sharing our faith with our children, youth and families.

​Church member, Dr. Gary Schopfer offers a historical overview of Skidaway Island.

Pastor Hale speaks on becoming a member of SIMC and what it means to be a Christian.

Take a tour with Michelle Johnson as she guides us through the stained glass windows of SIMC.

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